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ABOUT Seema Studio

Seema is a company that specializes in building and designing brands. We serve our customers through a professional team specialized in many areas such as branding, animation, digital marketing, social media management, web development and SEO.

The main office of Seema Studio is located in Qatar, where we have strengthened our business in partnership with Mafaz Advisory Company. It specializes in investing in human capital and enhancing the capabilities of individuals and institutions.

Seema Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is the operation of enhancing website content as well as preparing it to engage more visitors who are referred by search engines such as Google, Yahoo… etc. This process increases the visits (traffic) of the website services and/or products to maximize the sales. Nearly 80% of internet users are referred to websites via search engines. Therefore, it’s vital to have a higher rank on Google & other search engines as most visitors only click on the first search page results.
Digital Solutions
We provide our clients with integrated software solutions suggested to assist organizations in developing their services.
Content Management
At SEEMA, we manage your social pages effectively and efficiently. We aim to strengthen your presence on the social networks enabling to market your products/services. To achieve that purpose, we offer premium social media management services while taking into consideration search engines protocols, taking care of posting daily posts/tweets and responding to visitors’ inquiries and comments.
Design & Branding
We aim to strengthen a distinguished presence in which your visitors will be attracted, by bringing together each of content, branding, visual identities, and conceptual design to offer to your customers. Thus, you can transfer the ideas into prominent names.