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GC is a digital certificate management system that is specialized in designing, preparing, printing and sending thousands of different certificates and documents in less time and zero error rate.

The process of issuing certificates and documents and sending them to the beneficiaries is a tedious process, especially if it is for large numbers. That is due to the steps it goes through that requires specialized people. For example, sending certificates of attendance to a training course requires a design for the certificate, an access to the trainees’ data, checking it, printing it and re-checking it after printing, and then sending it to lists via e-mail through a special portal, with expensive fees for large numbers. The Generate Certificate system does all these tasks from one control panel and within seconds or a few minutes without the need for a specialized staff.

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Issuance Of Certificates / Documents
Importing Lists Of Beneficiaries / Trainees / Employees
Email Sending / PDF Printing